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Jody Bossert
VP of Marketing and IT
2701 184th Street SW, Suite A101
United States
(425) 640-6555

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Miscellaneous Information

Jody graduated from Western Washington University in 1995 with a degree in Communications, in particular, Broadcast Production. Following graduation and a dream internship with the comedy troupe at KING 5 TV's "Almost Live!", his goals in the world of television broadcasting were sidetracked when the Internet boom hit. To satisfy his interest in media, he began dabbling in web development and by the late 90's found himself knee-deep in the high tech industry at AT&T Wireless where he met his wife.

For the next decade Jody followed a career path in the field of information technology with roles that included developing, testing, project management and even IT recruiting. "Most of my time was spent contracting at Microsoft, but like most people in the industry I have a couple notches on my belt from some start-up companies as well." says Jody.

When the opportunity to be a part of Elle Marie presented itself, Jody was eager to get involved. "The IT field can be rather dry. Everything is logic based. It's all very black and white. So when the opportunity arose for me to apply my technical know-how to an industry such as this that literally thrives on creativity, I was more than a little intrigued...and for good reason. As a techie, I have always thrived when applying my technical know-how to execute marketing strategies and now I have the opportunity to wear my marketing hat on a daily basis. This experience has opened so many new doors, both personally and professionally, and I truly look forward to the challenge that each new day brings."

In addition to having served on the marketing committees of various non-profit boards, Jody is a member of the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Marketing Association and an active member of various local chamber groups. He regularly speaks at chamber events sharing his marketing knowledge, namely with regards to social media.