(As printed in the "What the Pros Know" section of the Lake Stevens Journal, Mar. 14, 2012.) Hollie Leach - Mill Creek Salon Manager, Hair Stylist

1) Your hairstyle is a ponytail:
This may be a sign that the style you’ve chosen requires more time and effort than you can accommodate or simply that you’re overdue for a visit to the hair salon.

2) Your color lacks shine and makes your skin look washed out:
A simple 20 minute Redken Shades EQ color gloss adds maximum shine and can cool unwanted brassy tones or spice up drab, lackluster color without a huge commitment.

3) Your hair appears to be all one color:
Coloring your hair with an all-over color can look flat, lacking the dimension and shine that natural hair has. A few strategically placed face-framing highlights or lowlights can bring out a great feature, such as your eyes. Plus, it will return dimension and shine, taking ordinary “blah” color to extraordinary “WOW!” color.