Are you using expired haircare products without realizing it?

(As published in the "What the Pros Know" section of the April 9th, 2014 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.) Holly McMurray - Hairstylist at our Lake Stevens location

Pureology Expiration Label
Pureology Expiration Label

It is time to think about throwing away some of those outdated beauty products you have saved up in your bathroom. You may be applying products thinking they are giving you volume or smoothing your hair when they are actually doing nothing to your hair. Over time, products lose their longevity and become less effective, no longer performing as intended. Products also go bad when they come in contact with human skin and deteriorate, sometimes even causing harmful bacteria to form in the bottle. Always check to see if there is an expiration date. The expiration symbol will typically be located near the UPC code on the back and will have a picture of a container with a number inside of it, such as 6, 8, or 12. This means the product is only good for 6, 8, or 12 months after it is open.

If you are storing old haircare products and need new ones, please visit any of our three locations and we can help set you up with the perfect products for your hair type!

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I want a big change, but how do I know what’s right for my face shape and hair texture?

(As published in the "What the Pros Know" section of the March 12th, 2014 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.) Betty Dennis

Changing your hair is one of the most fun and most daunting things a woman can do. We all have the same fears. Is my face too round? Should I lose 10 pounds first? Could I really handle bangs? Is my hair too curly? We hear it all! My advice is this: Most of the time, you can pull off ANYTHING, as long as you have the confidence to rock it! If you look around you, the people who have the best haircuts and colors are the people who are every shape and size!

If you have a long face, breaking it up with layers is a GREAT idea! If you have a round face, highlighting your cheek bones with face framing highlights is perfect! If you have a square jaw line, a pixie cut can be the most fun! In fact, a pixie can be fantastic for anyone! We can customize length and texture according to each person’s hair and lifestyle. If you have always dreamt of being a redhead, but fear your cheeks are too “rosy”, you’re in luck! There are a huge variety of reds for every skin tone!

So go ahead and get bold! Be daring, and most of all, be confident! You are already lovely anyway! Add a comment

Recreate Bruno Mars' Super Bowl XLVIII Hairstyle


We all loved watching Bruno Mars at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII where our beloved Seahawks dismantled the Broncos. We also loved Bruno's hair! Recreating the swag and smooth look of Bruno Mars' hair can be done with the following steps:

  1. Towel dry hair, apply liberal amount of Redken for Men Grip Tight Holding Gel all over.
  2. Blowdry hair back with a boar bristle round brush which is going to create height.
  3. Apply a half pump of Redken Rough Paste 12, working it throughout the hair.
  4. Next, dust your head with the Redken Powder Grip 03 on root area creating a strong, matte finish to support the height of the pump.

Now you are ready for a night on the town that will last!

Bruno Mars en el Super Bowl XLVIII
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How can I change my hair color without committing to a permanent hair color?

(Published in the "What the Pros Know" section of the Dec. 11th, 2013 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.) Susan Williams - Hairstylist at our Mill Creek location

Feeling like a change but don’t feel like committing? Try a glaze!

It is a demi-permanent color so it only lasts 6-8 weeks and doesn’t leave a line at the roots as it grows out. A glaze/toner gives you a whole new tone and can make your color (whether it’s previously colored or natural) warmer, cooler, darker, redder, etc. The best part is that it also adds shine to your dry winter hair!

If you look at any celebrity’s hair color, it is never ‘just foiled’, ‘just a red’, ‘just a brown’ or ‘just a blonde’. It is a ‘red with a copper shine in the sunlight’, a ‘brown with rich maple glaze’, or a ‘blonde with a soft creamy touch’. What gives each color its personality and shine is the toner/glaze that you finish with.

Elle Marie is proud to offer Redken’s Shades EQ Gloss which adds a vibrant shine and can change the tone of your hair for 6-8 weeks!

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