What is this season’s hot new color?

Jody Bossert - Marketing Director (With special thanks to Mill Creek Stylist, Noah)

Did you know runways across the globe are featuring shades of emerald green? What does that mean for hair? As a complimentary color to green, reds are back in! Actresses like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams match the green gem with their gorgeous copper reds. Even singer Adele has warmed up her hair to go with the fresh, lush color.

Jessica Chastain at the 2013 Oscars (photo courtesy of Oscar.com)

With Spring right around the corner, consider adding some honey-toned highlights or go all-over with a fresh new red. Even Pureology is jumping onboard the latest trend with the release of a new line that helps maintain vibrant reds, called “Reviving Red”.

According to a recent German study, the color green inspires creativity. So allow your green accessories to inspire your next hairstyle!

Elle Marie currently has Reviving Red box sets on sale for $58 (reg. $84).

(Published in the "What the Pros Know" section of the Mar. 13th, 2013 edition of the Lake Stevens Journal.) Add a comment

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Are Michelle Obama bangs right for you?

Holly McMurray - Hair Stylist (Lake Stevens)

Michelle Obama Recently revealed her new bangs to America and it has everyone asking whether bangs are right for them.

Fringe, also known as bangs, are really in right now and they are an easy way to change up your style. Bangs are young and fun, and the first lady in her usual stylish way, shows that they work just as well on the over-40 set as they do on 20-somethings. Michelle Obama

The key to bangs is making them work for your face shape and hair type. Michelle has the most universal face shape (oval) so most bang types will look good on her. Michelle Obama's new bangs are texturized, which gives a softer, piecey edge to the normal blunt style. Hair types that are very coarse, thick and curly will have a harder time pulling this look off unless you want to take the time to use a blow dryer and flat iron to style. Ideally, straight or slightly wavy strands that are fine to normal will work best for this new 'Obama Bang'. Add a comment

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Redken Symposium 2013 Rocks the Stage with OneRepublic and Lots of Great Hair Education

We returned from the Redken Symposium last week and have finally had a chance to catch our breath. We're now excited to share our amazing experience with you. This was our fourth time attending the bi-annual event and Redken continued to impress with one of the best events in the industry!

Twelve of us made the trip to Mandalay Bay. Sunday night kicked off with an amazing show featuring beautiful theatrics and elaborate introductions of all of the event's presenters. Once again, Redken thanked their Elite-level salons by rewarding us with front row seating. Add a comment

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Hair Tips - How to Create a Sock Bun with Your Hair

This is a messier version of this style but you can also do it a little smoother for a classier look or start your ponytail at a lower point on the head depending where you want the bun. Also, depending on what color your hair is, you can use a lighter sock to match your hair since it is easier to hide. You can also put a few bobby pins in to secure any loose hair or hair that falls out after you roll the pony tail into the bun!

~ Taylor (and Sage) - Elle Marie Hair Stylist in Lake Stevens (425) 397-8883 Add a comment