What are some easy ways to kick off 2017 with a new look?

Alderwood Hairstylist Caitlin
Alderwood Hairstylist Caitlin

Are you looking for a fresh look this new year but don't want to try anything extreme? I have just the trick. Here are 3 easy ways to spice it up for the new year!

  1. Try bangs! Bangs offer a variety of different styles without dramatically changing your everyday cut. A soft side swept bang will add some elegance to your look. If you are looking for a sweet "girl next door" vibe, go with a full straight across bang. To start the new year off boldly with an edgy look, opt for textured bangs that will add some drama to your style.
    Dakota with Side Swept Bangs Acacia with Full Straight Across Bangs Roxie with Textured Bangs
  2. Add dimension! An accent foil is 5-10 foils which can be done easily and require little maintenance. These can either be added in one spot for a dramatic peekaboo or can be placed sporadically all over to add some depth and soft dimension, perfect for a subtle change.
  3. How about a gloss? Can I just say glosses are amazing!? They add so much shine and can change your color without having to fully commit like you would to a permanent color or fashion color. Gloss can be used to deepen your color or even add some warmth to richen up your color. Use a clear gloss to add some serious shine to your already amazing color.

It's fun to spice up your look, especially in the winter months! These are all very simple changes that you can add to your service at your next visit to change up your look. Because hey, its a new year and hair grows, so why not live a little!?

(A version of this article was published in the January 2, 2017 edition of the Mill Creek Beacon.)

Mill Creek Beacon, Ask the Experts for January 2, 2017

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How Can I Easily Style My Hair For The Holidays?

(Published in the "Experts Explain" section of the December 12, 2016 edition of the Lake Stevens Ledger.)

For a fast, do-it-yourself style, you will need a curling iron, texturizing spray, an elastic band, and a few bobby pins. Begin by creating some loose curls and spray with your favorite texture spray. Divide you hair from ear to ear, creating a front and back section. Tie the back section with an elastic band, then twist it into a messy bun and secure with bobby pins. With the remaining front section, divide it in two (or more) sections, loosely twisting each section away from your face and towards the bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Voila! You're done and ready to party!

Holiday Updo Step 1 Holiday Updo Step 2 Holiday Updo Step 3

Holiday Updo Step 4 Holiday Updo Step 5 Holiday Updo Step 6

Holiday Updo Step 7 Holiday Updo Step 8

Holiday Updo Step 9

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2016 Summer Essentials

2016 Summer Essentials

  1. Redken Beach Envy Shampoo - Cleanses the hair leaving it feeling textured!
  2. Redken Beach Envy Conditioner - Puts moisture in the hair without taking away that textured feel.
  3. Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid Styler - I'm in love with Redken's new Beach Envy line! It adds body and beachy texture to all hair types. I like to spritz the Wave Aid Styler in damp hair and let it air dry to enhance my existing curl/texture, or diffuse with a dryer for texture and movement. The product line contains latex polymers for flexible movement and filoxane that expands inside the cuticle to build volume.
  4. Essie Polish - Essie's Resort 2016 collection is amazing for pedicures - they look so pretty next to a tan! I like to keep back up polish in my bag for last minute touch-ups.
  5. Invisibobbles - These guys are a livesaver! When the heat is too much, Invisibobbles allow me to put my hair up without worrying about that obnoxious dent traditional ponytail holders can leave on your style.
  6. Redken One United - One United has 25 amazing benefits and is great for all hair types. It is a versatile leave in conditioner that adds moisture, enhances shine, and protects from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. I like to spritz it in before heading to the pool because it protects my color from the harsh chlorine in the water!
  7. Redken One United - Ditto
  8. Business Card - I always keep spare business cards on me. You never know when you'll need one!
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What can I do to welcome in Spring 2016 with more trendy hair?

(Published in the "Ask the Experts" section of the April 8, 2016 edition of the Mill Creek Beacon.)

As haircut trends move in, we're seeing hair move and sweep away from the face, lightening up the shoulders with volume and pliable texture. Hello, modern Farrah Fawcett! You might consider a middle part or even baby-bangs for those who want to make a stateĀ­ment! Stop in for a free consultation with your favorite Elle Marie stylist.

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