Elle Marie proudly offers a wide variety of options when it comes to hair extensions. Whether you wish to extend the length of your hair, add a touch of volume or show your personality with some fashion pieces, Elle Marie has the perfect hair extension solution for you. Wish to change your look for 4-6 months at a time? Ask about either our So.Cap. keratin extensions or our I-Tip extensions. Our Hotheads hair extensions offer a shorter term solution that your stylist may recommend as well. Looking to enhance your style for a wedding or other special event? Our Halo Couture extensions are the perfect solution and can be applied and removed on your own, as needed.

Halo Couture

Halo Couture Hair Extensions
  • HALO 12" - $315
  • HALO 16" - $365
  • HALO 20" - $475
  • HALO 24" - $555
  • The FALL (Topper) 16”-18” - $555
Halo Couture Hair Extensions

So.Cap. USA

So.Cap. USA Hair Extensions

With over 81 hair extension colors in three different textures and designs, SO.CAP. USA hair extensions are ideal for any occassion. To learn more, download the SO.CAP USA brochure: (.pdf 4.5MB)

Here are a few photos of extensions done in our salon. For additional images, visit So.Cap. International or So.Cap. USA. Thank you to all of our guests who have agreed to let us share their photos here!

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