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Hairstylist (Level 2)
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Miscellaneous Information

Starting Date with Elle Marie:

October 2013

Beauty School:

Northwest Hair Academy, 2008

Passion for the Industry:

There is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than being able to make someone feel beautiful or good about themselves. Not only that, but every day in the hair industry is new and exciting because each person and head of hair is completely different than the next. It definitely “keeps you on your toes.” Plus, the relationships you develop with your guests are somewhat indescribable, absolutely an amazing feeling!

Who Inspires Me?

My coworkers! We are all in so many different places in the hair industry as well as life and there is nothing better than being surrounded by peers who appreciate you as a stylist, and as a person. To have so many people around you at all times that have the ability to teach you new styles, techniques and methods of doing things is absolutely amazing!


Learning new hair trends and techniques of course!!! Also followed by…gym, taking my dog out to the dog park, mind puzzles (word searches, crosswords, sudoku) and shopping.

Favorite Products and Why:

  • Sexy Hair's Powder Play: It is an absolutely AMAZING and unique styling product, with the ability to give you volume and texture all by itself with a simple, little sprinkle of the powder at your root or it can give you even more intense volume and texture when accompanied with some backcombing and other styling methods.
  • Pureology Colour Fanatic (aka 21 Benefits): It has so many amazing things that it does for your hair, such as speeding up dry time, detangling, adding shine, preventing split ends, etc. To top it off, it's totally lightweight so even those people with fine hair can use it and won’t be weighed down!
  • Sexy Hair's 450 Protect: Most of the world nowadays uses some sort of thermal tool on their hair and, of course, they should all be using some sort of protection from the heat. 450 Protect is absolutely amazing in the way that it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth, is very lightweight so there is no residue feeling left on your hair, and, to top it off, it actually smells delightful! What more could you ask for from your thermal protectant?!

Anything Else?

Cosmetology or the hair industry is one that never stops evolving. That is one of the greatest parts of our job. We are never finished learning and we get to continuously grow into a newer, bigger, better stylist.