Mill Creek

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Hairstylist (Level 4A)
(425) 402-1900

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Miscellaneous Information

Starting Date with Elle Marie:

March 2009

Beauty School/Years in the Industry:

Northwest Hair Academy, 9 years

Specialty Services:

  • Heavy blonde foils
  • Tone on tones and dimensional foils
  • Fun and precision hair cutting
  • Gorgeous dimensional brunettes!

Passion for the Industry:

I love meeting new people and hearing stories of family and friends. This industry has such a way of bringing people together! Plus, it's not a bad deal when you get to do awesome hair on fun people!

Who Inspires Me?

I don't know if I have a famour hair stylist inspiration. I think what inspires me the most is just getting to make someone's day or getting to laugh with your co-workers because we are a little family unit. It's so fun to be able to inspire people and be inspired by your guests and co-workers! Hair is just a fun job!!

Professional Development (Education)

  • 2011 Redken Symposium (Las Vegas)
  • 2010 Sam Villa "Cut Outs" (Elle Marie Mill Creek)
  • 2010 David Stanko Color Class (Elle Marie Mill Creek)
  • Pureology product knowledge classes
  • 2011 Color & Know Why (Redken Exchange, New York City)


  • Singing
  • Church
  • Concerts and Broadway shows
  • Volleyball

Favorite Products and Why:

  • Redken Guts - Awesome volume without leaving the hair sticky or heavy.
  • Power Dressing - Gives lots of good hold to keep the style lasting.
  • Control Creme - Great for taming down and smoothing any hair type!
  • Outshine - Who doesn't love some anti-frizz while adding shine?!


"Today was my first visit to Elle Marie Hair Studio after recently moving to WA from out of state. The tastefully decorated salon is clean, the stations are tidy, and there's a nice, friendly vibe. The staff seems happy and they make efforts to create a positive experience for clients by hanging up your coat, serving you tea or coffee in a china cup and saucer with a napkin- no icky styrofoam, and they'll dry and style your hair before you leave at no extra charge (I am used to being sent out the door towel-dried with a dollop of mousse, because I haven't wanted to pay extra $$ for drying/styling).

My appointment was with Kristin, who may be one of the youngest members of the staff, possibly with the least years of experience; but, as her bio indicates, her beauty school education was supplemented with early training at Elle Marie, and gaining knowledge in a reputable salon is a great choice for a designer's career path, (and better than a "self-taught" person with less instruction and possibly also bad habits). Kristin is personable and asks a lot of questions about your hair and your wishes, and then gives you a quote for the services so there is no "sticker shock" at the end of a first time visit, even though the salon's prices are reasonable and competitive. She gave me an excellent foil highlighting, and then we went to the shampoo bowl, where you recline in a massaging chair, which was pleasant. Kristin is slightly aggressive for a "tenderheaded" person like me who doesn't like to be "scrubbed" and have her hair wrung and stretched, but if you prefer a vigorous, energetic scalp massage and don't have delicate lightened hair like mine, then she would be just perfect for you. (However, I was very comfortable with her touch during comb-out, chemical services and styling). Kristin gave me a great haircut, and it was exactly what I asked for. Not only am I growing my hair out, but since it has a bit of natural wave it tends to "shrink up" and so seems even shorter when it's cut too short. Happily, Kristin is capable of giving a trim and reshaping your hair without taking unnecessary inches. She excels at blow out styling with a round-brush, and in minutes my usually fine, naturally wavy & fuzzy-textured hair looked chic!"

~ Michele D. - Bothell, WA (E-mail to Kristin on 1/8/10.)