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Hairstylist (Level 2)
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Start Date with Elle Marie: May 2015


Beauty School: Evergreen Beauty School


Who Inspires Me: My parents have always been huge inspirations to me. My dad had a dream of starting his own auto body business and stopped at nothing to achieve it. My mom stuck by his side and helped him start everything from the ground up. My dad inspires me to push myself and overcome any obstacle that comes my way. My mom shows me that when the going gets rough, love conquers all. They inspire me to be my best self and to work hard. My dad always told me, “You’re only as good as your last work” because of that I am always putting 100% into my clients.  


Hobbies: In my free time, I like to pick up random DIY project ideas off Pinterest and give them away to friends and family.


Favorite Products: I love Redken GUTS! It gives you the perfect amount of lift. If you pair together Guts and Smooth Perfection smoothing cream, you get the bounciest blowout ever!!


Passion for the Industry: I grew up as a competitive dancer. I was always surrounded by extreme hair and makeup. Once I got into high school a handful of girls would always ask if I could help them get ready for school dances! I loved making girls feel beautiful and just thought it was the most rewarding job there was out there. A year after I graduated I decided to get into the beauty industry so that I could make people feel good and enhance their beauty. I still to this day think this is the best career choice I could’ve made and it’s truly the most rewarding job.


Schedule: Wednesday 9-9 Friday 8-8 Saturday 8-6